Cafe’ On A Roof

Café Red Lantern

When I started writing this post , I sat in a café in Piteå in Northern Sweden. The cafe, called Red Lantern, is  located up on a roof – you have to ride an elevator with glass walls , or walk up a fairly steep staircase to get up there.                As my wife and I was sitting there too enjoyed the afternoon sun on this day in August , we

Photo: Bengt Lindkvist
Photo: Bengt Lindkvist

listened to a singer who sang hit songs with a guitar. At the same time , I wondered how I could do something artistic of the photos I’ve  just had taken in Piteå western marina.                                                                 The picture above shows an old wooden boat with a ”donk-donk” engine.


Now I have bought multi- paper, which one can use all kinds of media . The question now is whether how I should create It as : A drawing, pastel painting or a watercolor?

This time I wish I could have time to create the drawing/ painting on paper, not digitally.

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