Lorry Danger In London

London – Lorry/Truck Danger

My wife and I flew to London from my home town in early September .

The first night in the metropolis , I read an article in the Evening Standard newspaper . Who said that the City of London decided to ban construction lorry drivers ( truck ) making left turns , after several accidents where cyclists have been killed by left- turning HGV vehicles.PicsArt_noleftturn591401

In the magazine there is a photo in which a bike ended up under a truck and the cyclist died .

The Yellow Bicycle

I wanted to link the article further , also to take a photo of a yellow (see photo below) bicycle on a street in London. Back at the hotel , I started to play with the image , made the edges a bit darker , cloned it a bit in PicsArt and then stretched the picture slightly.2015-09-07_yellowbike

Link: Evening Standard


Even in my small home town of Skellefteå in northern Sweden , there have been fatal accidents involving bicycles and lorries. However , here there are several kilometers of bicycle paths . It is highly dangerous to ride in the middle of traffic everywhere. Separate bicycle paths would therefore save many lives.

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