Sentenced to death Picture Art: BengtLindkvist
Sentenced to death
Picture Art: BengtLindkvist

I’m reading in The Guardian that the artist, poet curutor Ashraf Fayadh was sentenced to death on 17 november by a court in Saudi Arabia. The accusation was that he renounced islam, and the verdict accusing Ashraf for blasphemy

The 35-year-old Ashraf has argued about himself as a Palestine-Arab refuge (he’s  the son of a Palestinian-Arab refuge) and about cultural and philosophical issues.

The Religious Extremists 

He had also posted a video online showing the religious police (mutaween) lashing a man in public. Then Ashraf was arrested by the Mutaween religious police.

When he was sentenced, he could not get a lawyer, because his passport was confiscated when he was arrested.

Condemn The Conviction 

The conviction of Ashraf must now be condemned; by the outside world, the media and even by those of us who think that freedom to comment is something worth.

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