A Turner Inspired Composition

Shimmering Paintings

Last Sunday evening I sat and listened to a breathtaking piano performance in Mobackenkyrkan in Skellefteå.

The woman who played usually compose her own pieces.

While I was listening, I looked at a digital painting

Målning: Bengt Lindkvist
Målning: Bengt Lindkvist

in my Smartphone (look above) that I did recently. I was thinking about the great artist William Turner and his shimmering paintings with the colour field.


My wife and I visited the Tate Gallery in London this autumn and got there just in time to be able to accompany a guided tour that showed William Turner’s paintings. To see old famous paintings ”live” is an equally great experience like hearing music live. Or even to look at a hockey game in a stadium. It’s exciting.

Sentenced to death Picture Art: BengtLindkvist
Sentenced to death
Picture Art: BengtLindkvist

I’m reading in The Guardian that the artist, poet curutor Ashraf Fayadh was sentenced to death on 17 november by a court in Saudi Arabia. The accusation was that he renounced islam, and the verdict accusing Ashraf for blasphemy

The 35-year-old Ashraf has argued about himself as a Palestine-Arab refuge (he’s  the son of a Palestinian-Arab refuge) and about cultural and philosophical issues.

The Religious Extremists 

He had also posted a video online showing the religious police (mutaween) lashing a man in public. Then Ashraf was arrested by the Mutaween religious police.

When he was sentenced, he could not get a lawyer, because his passport was confiscated when he was arrested.

Condemn The Conviction 

The conviction of Ashraf must now be condemned; by the outside world, the media and even by those of us who think that freedom to comment is something worth.

Links:   Guardian     Hyperallergic







http://hyperallergic.com/256149/saudi-arabia-sentences-poet-to-death/? ref = featured


This ‘American Horror Story’ Art Show Will Haunt Your Dreams

Horror Stories 

This ‘American Horror Story’ Art Show Will Haunt Your Dreams – http://huff.to/1GvZLjb

A real ‘horror Art Story’ that’s going on just now is the one that is presented for us by IS in places like Palmyra in Syria just now. Terrifying!

 My Horror Painting

I found an illustration in my library for this post (below). It’s from a nightmare (I dream a lot)  where I saw evil creatures in dark threatening storm clouds.                                               I changed the painting before this publishing.

Evil creatures in stormy clouds
Evil creatures in stormy clouds

Painting: Bengt Lindkvist