Eyes, spys and jail

Teckning: Bengt Lindkvist
Teckning: Bengt Lindkvist

Prison Dream

Yesterday morning I dreamed that I had ended up in prison. There were an inspector who interrogated me. I believe I got this from a scene from the serial ”Deutschland 83” where a

The door of my cell was a sliding door, and outside guards sat in a sort of reception.

I lay down on the couch to sleep, and woke up outside a café.

It was friends who somehow had taken me out when I was sleeping.

I looked anxiously around to see if the Inspector was nearby.

Drawing Eye

Speaking of seeing, I have now drawing the first eye.  The drawings were very simple, so to say, so now its time to practice.

Praying Hands-Drawing (US)

Playing Hands Bengt Lindkvist
Playing Hands
Bengt Lindkvist

Drawn Hands

I have just started learning how to draw hands by Youtube tutorials.

I drew the hands of the artwork above after I had entered ‘Nyhetsguiden’ (The News Guide) and the blog ‘Sonja Hej’ (‘Sonja Hi ‘)  by Sonja.

  Becoming A Christian 

Sonja tells that she recently has become a Christian, a believing that I share.

I googled on: ‘ drawing hands ‘ to make an illustration for this blog post and I found ”draw hands part 1” by Johan O Karlsson (he speaks swedish on the he tutorial).

I followed his first lesson on how to build up a hand.  Then I did the artwork above ”on my own”, but using the instructions.

I read somewhere that It’s difficult to draw hand, and I agree.

The artwork below I made a few years ago by drawing my own hand. I don’t think the proposition is right. I didn’t build this one following lines.

Drawing: Bengt Lindkvist
Bengt Lindkvist