ISIS vs European Xenophobia

"Borders" Artwork: Bengt Lindkvist
Artwork: Bengt Lindkvist

Picture Art

Today I have experimented a little with some simple picture art, as a response to what I have writing about below. Even this time, I have been using the free photostudio app PicsArt.

European Lack of empathy

ISIS has  successful showing that the people of Europe have the same lack of empathy and compassion as themselves.

For those people who is fleeing from their terror has creating a wave of xenophobia among many Europeans, but even among Trumps American voters. And now the doors is closing down for them.

New plans

By chance, I read an article about the norwegian mass murderer and racist Anders Behring Breivik, who seems to hang out with new plans. At the same time the supporters of the xenophobian German party  AfD, whose party leader has said that German border guards should shoot syrian refugees.

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