Swans And Persecuted bloggers

Swans And Bloggers

What does swans in St: James Park in London has to do with persecuted bloggers? Nothing !       But, anyway, I thought that my photo of swans on either side of a small fence would serve as an illustration .

Photo: Swans In St: James Park, London
Photo: Swans In St: James Park, London

During the week I read about  demonstrations for the jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi.   And he has a college named Hamza Kashgari, that has a death penalty handling over him for writing about the Prophet.                                               For me, blogging doesn’t costs me anything , besides the charge for my hosting company, of course.

Color Splashed

Now for the photo ! I have made some changes in PicsArt in the Effect Colors – Color Splash . There, I clicked on the swans beaks, also VIPs were other photo B & W , that is, black & white. I pulled a little in the sliders to change also add colors . I feel quite happy with the result . Download the free app PicsArt and try this for yourself . Also remember: Everything does not have to be black & white.

Link: Independent – Raif Badawi


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