The Gateway To Narnia

Our Secret Gateway

We love to hike, along footpaths and hiking trails, my wife and I. Short hikes! We have found such a path or trail, which we love . It

The Gateway
The Gateway

begins where our hometown in northern Sweden meets the countryside . But it is difficult to find the entrance. It’s almost like finding the Gateway to the land of Narnia

The Red Cottage

It was actually a couple of friends who told us about the secret footpath . Otherwise, we had never discovered it. The trail dives in among dark trees, then it follows the Skellefte river. At a red Cottage with white trim,

The Hill
The Hill

 the path curves up on a steep slope. At the top of the hill is a simple bench overlooking the river. On the right side are slopes with fields, but on the other side of the river begins the wilderness.

Hidden Tippies

I get the feeling that there could be Tipies hidden among the wooded hills  and Sioux-hunters on a canoe on the other side on the river, or perhaps a Same from the Native Scandic people.                                                                     But, now it!s end of the rest, and we’re going  back down the hill.

Link: Skellefteå 




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