Walking On Poles Art

Fear For Height animation

yesterday I was walking past an outdoor Gym Park during my first day in Latvia (My wife and I are here to visit her relatives).

I stopped att a gym station consisted of poles of different heights, the highest over a metre.

I have fear for heights, but nevertheless I decided to climb the lowest posts.

I wanted to film the feat, and I  chosed the Time Lapse app In my smartphone.                                                                                                                                                 One Second

I chosed to set interval on one second shot for a few minutes duration.

Then I edited it in the video editor in my Smartphone and I are really happy with the ”artwork”.

What if Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet and William Turner, and why not Picasso had had access to Time Lapses, photo studios and digital technology.

I hardly believe that the masters would’t have used all of it?


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