ISIS vs European Xenophobia

"Borders" Artwork: Bengt Lindkvist
Artwork: Bengt Lindkvist

Picture Art

Today I have experimented a little with some simple picture art, as a response to what I have writing about below. Even this time, I have been using the free photostudio app PicsArt.

European Lack of empathy

ISIS has  successful showing that the people of Europe have the same lack of empathy and compassion as themselves.

For those people who is fleeing from their terror has creating a wave of xenophobia among many Europeans, but even among Trumps American voters. And now the doors is closing down for them.

New plans

By chance, I read an article about the norwegian mass murderer and racist Anders Behring Breivik, who seems to hang out with new plans. At the same time the supporters of the xenophobian German party  AfD, whose party leader has said that German border guards should shoot syrian refugees.

Eyes, spys and jail

Teckning: Bengt Lindkvist
Teckning: Bengt Lindkvist

Prison Dream

Yesterday morning I dreamed that I had ended up in prison. There were an inspector who interrogated me. I believe I got this from a scene from the serial ”Deutschland 83” where a

The door of my cell was a sliding door, and outside guards sat in a sort of reception.

I lay down on the couch to sleep, and woke up outside a café.

It was friends who somehow had taken me out when I was sleeping.

I looked anxiously around to see if the Inspector was nearby.

Drawing Eye

Speaking of seeing, I have now drawing the first eye.  The drawings were very simple, so to say, so now its time to practice.

A Turner Inspired Composition

Shimmering Paintings

Last Sunday evening I sat and listened to a breathtaking piano performance in Mobackenkyrkan in Skellefteå.

The woman who played usually compose her own pieces.

While I was listening, I looked at a digital painting

Målning: Bengt Lindkvist
Målning: Bengt Lindkvist

in my Smartphone (look above) that I did recently. I was thinking about the great artist William Turner and his shimmering paintings with the colour field.


My wife and I visited the Tate Gallery in London this autumn and got there just in time to be able to accompany a guided tour that showed William Turner’s paintings. To see old famous paintings ”live” is an equally great experience like hearing music live. Or even to look at a hockey game in a stadium. It’s exciting.

En Turner Inspirerad Målning

Målning: Bengt Lindkvist
Målning: Bengt Lindkvist

Skimrande Målningar

I söndag kväll satt jag ock lyssnade på ett andlöst vackert pianostycke i Mobackenkyrkan i Skellefteå.

Kvinnan som spelade brukar komponera egna stycken.

Samtidigt som jag lyssnade tittade jag på en digital komposition, eller målning, i min Smartphone som jag gjorde för en tid sedan. Jag tänkte på konstnären William Turner ock hans skimrande målningar med färgfält. 

Tate Gallery

Jag ock min hustru besökte Tate Gallery i London i höst ock kom dit precis i tid för att kunna följa med en guidad tur som visade William Turners målningar. Att se gamla berömda målningar “live” är en minst lika stor upplevelse som att höra musik live. Eller att se en hockeymatch i en stadion. Ock att få storyn kring målningarna berättad för sig var även det väl värt besöket.

Goodbye Glenn Frey

Painting (electrics) Bengt Lindkvist
Painting (electrics)
Bengt Lindkvistå 


Another great artist has died. This morning I saw on BBC News that Glenn Frey, guitarist in the legendary band the Eagles, has died.

Only a few days ago I read commentarys on Disqus asking which will be the next artist to dig. Now we know, but the question remains.

The Heat Is On

An interesting fact I found in the newspaper Metro, is that Glenn Frey wrote the song ‘ the heat is on ‘ for the film ‘ ‘Beverly Hills Cop’.

I know the song, but I haven’t seen the whole film yet.

Picasso Inspired Painting (US-1)

Drawing: Bengt Lindkvist Colorize: Indra Lindkvist
Drawing: Bengt Lindkvist
Colorize: Indra Lindkvist

Picasso And Miro

I made a drawing, which I gave to my dear wife yesterday.

When I was going to bed, I saw that she had colored it. My thought goes a little bit to Picasso. Or Miro, if that name is familiar? And thats here we slide into the culture.

I think I will paint this one on canvas and find a GALLERY in New York.

What do you think about the result? And the coloring?


This ‘American Horror Story’ Art Show Will Haunt Your Dreams

Horror Stories 

This ‘American Horror Story’ Art Show Will Haunt Your Dreams –

A real ‘horror Art Story’ that’s going on just now is the one that is presented for us by IS in places like Palmyra in Syria just now. Terrifying!

 My Horror Painting

I found an illustration in my library for this post (below). It’s from a nightmare (I dream a lot)  where I saw evil creatures in dark threatening storm clouds.                                               I changed the painting before this publishing.

Evil creatures in stormy clouds
Evil creatures in stormy clouds

Painting: Bengt Lindkvist






A Touch Of Hitchkock

Continued from Paradise Picture

The Translation App

I have changed the translation app , because in the former app I could not paste text from Word . The old app did not  take a lot of text – not until I had upgraded it to the pro version .

A Touch Of Hitchkock 

Now I have the photo of the bench by the river from the last post to both a black and white image , with the idea to give it a little Hitchkock thriller -touch .


I have also made ​​an impressionistic painting in my creation app. I would like to make my paintings on paper done on canvas, but I have no place where I can have my painting equipment permanently. Therefore, it becomes right now that I do my paintings digitally.

Photo&Painting: Bengt Lindkvist  all right reserved
Bengt Lindkvist
all right reserved

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

 My first blog (restarted)

Walking around in British Museum I found a beautiful painting from ancient Egypt in room 61. It was found in an Egyptian officials named Nebamun’s tomb-chapel.                                              The paintings shows scenes from around the life of Nebamun: hunting, banquets, people and others.

Scetch: Bengt Lindkvist

 Nebamun’s hunting 

Now, when I’m looking at the pictures of the wall painting: ”Nebamun’s hunting in the marsches”, I recognize a cat who is engaged, catching birds.                                                                       The scene is very ”lively”, so to say!

Nebamun’s in 3D

If you google at ”Nebamun’s tomb-chapel” you can look at these beautiful Wall paintings in 3D, if you install a Flash Player.

Good hunting!

Antika Egypten

När jag klev in i rum 61 i British Museum, föll min blick på ett par vackra väggmålningar från det forntida Egypten. Dom hämtades från ett gravtempel tillhörande Nebamun, en rik egyptisk tjänsteman.                                                        Målningarna är livfulla skildringar av Nebamuns liv: Jakt, banketter, människor m.m.

Nebamuns jaktscen

När jag efteråt tittar på ”Nebamun jagar i kärren”, dras mina ögon till katten (t.v om Nebamun) som är i färd med att fånga fåglar.      Scenen är minst sagt ”livlig”, med klara färger.

Väggmålningarna i 3D

Om ni söker på ”Nebamun’s tomb-chapel”,  så kan ni gå in på en 3D -visning av Nebamuns väggmålningar. Se den!